POLICE in Sedgley are getting tough with inconsiderate motorists whose poor parking blocks paths putting pedestrians in danger.

Visually impaired footpath users are especially at risk from people who abandon their vehicles on pavements and, after a number of complaints in the region, officers have launched a new initiative to tackle bad parking.

Cops from Gornal and Sedgley teamed up with Dudley man Karl Denning, who has a visual impairment, and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, to send a clear message to drivers whose dangerous parking puts others at risk.

Mr Denning, who relies on his guide dog, Quasia, said: “When cars are parked on the pavement Quasia has been taught not to take me past as the gap is to narrow. Instead she has been trained to take me round the car by walking into the road.

"I’m often out with my two young children, I have to let go of their hand − leaving them vulnerable - and walk off the pavement onto the road. I worry that the drivers may not see Quasia and hit her by accident."

Sergeant Rich Cruickshank, from the Gornal and Sedgley neighbourhood teams said: "This is a serious issue that can be extremely dangerous for visually impaired people, disabled people and people with pushchairs and we want to raise awareness of the difficulties these obstructions can cause for many people

"Our officers will take the details of vehicles issued with an advisory notice and will take enforcement action should the vehicle be found obstructing a pavement again. The motorist could also see themselves being landed with a £30 fine. "

Guide Dogs for the Blind Association spokesperson, Laura Lane Clarke, said: "A recent YouGov survey by Guide Dogs found 54 per cent of drivers admit to parking on the pavement, of which 17 per cent are doing it once a week or more.

“A further YouGov survey found that 69 per cent of the public support the proposed change in the law to ban parking on pavements."

Anyone plagued by poor parking should call their neighbourhood police by dialing 101.