Dudley Council has filled in the blanks and calculated that around £75,000 could be saved each year thanks to new pothole equipment.

Highways staff will use new cost-effective machinery to repair potholes, which is expected to save money.

The new method uses equipment which only removes the necessary material required for a repair.  This contrasts to the conventional technique where deeper holes are created, meaning more materials are needed to fill it in.

As well as being tax-payer friendly, the new method is also more environmentally sound as the dug-up road material will be stored by the new machines and recycled to use to fill in holes elsewhere.

Councillor Khurshid Ahmed, cabinet member responsible for transportation, said:

“This is a great result.  It is well known that we are receiving reduced government funds, so it is vital that we continue to find shrewd ways of saving money, while improving our performance.  This new equipment will save not only money for tax payers, but it will also save time and make less noise for passers-by.”