I AM looking for the family of Marjorie and Linford Atkins. Marjorie was born on April 23, 1936, her birth registered at Weston, Somerset.

Her mother’s maiden name was Atkins.

Linford was born in the second quarter of 1930 and his birth was registered in Exeter. His mother’s maiden name was Costello. Marjorie married Linford Atkins in 1960 and later they moved to Dudley.

I believe Linford died in March, 1980, aged 49 with his death being registered in Dudley.

I don’t know if Marjorie returned to Exeter after the death of Linford or if she stayed in the Dudley area, to be near their children, Helen, Beverley and Alfred.

If anyone has information that they think they can help me with, get in touch by phone on 01732 862329, hat21@live.co.uk or my address.

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