DUDLEY North’s Labour MP has blasted his Tory rival over allegations of dodgy deals with the controversial EDL.

Afzal Amin, who was the Conservative general election candidate in Dudley North, has been suspended by the party after the Mail on Sunday published claims he attempted to do a deal with the English Defence League to plan a protest against a new mosque in the town.

The paper says Mr Amin then intended to claim credit for getting the protest scrapped in a bid to win votes in the marginal seat.

Ian Austin, who has a majority of 649 in Dudley North, said: “I think it’s a shocking story -- a really appalling turn of events – and I think most people will think his behaviour is inexplicable and irresponsible.

 “I’m really shocked that someone would be prepared to behave in such a cynical and divisive way, just for the sake of personal and party political gain.

"I've always put the people of Dudley North first and I always will. Never mind this appalling saga, never mind who their candidate is because I know that it's the Conservative government's policies that are the reason 400 staff at Russells Hall are facing redundancy.

"And UKIP aren't the solution either. Nigel Farage wants private health insurance and his UKIP candidate wants even more severe cuts to NHS treatment.

"I'm the only candidate that will fight for our local NHS, to make education and skills our number one priority, to bring new jobs and investment to Dudley and campaign to keep the police station open.”

The News has this morning been unable to make contact with Mr Amin, who denies any wrongdoing.