This is a unique election, and every vote will count.

After the 7th of May, we’re almost certain to have another coalition. It could be Labour with the SNP. It could be Tories with UKIP. Or it could be Labour or Tories with the Liberal Democrats. It’s Liberal Democrats who’ll give the Conservatives a heart, and Labour a brain.

In a coalition, it’s not just how many seats we win, it’s also how many votes we get. Almost a quarter of the popular vote went Liberal Democrat last time. Most of that went in seats that didn’t return a Lib Dem MP. Wasted vote? Not at all. Those votes gave us a mandate to fulfil key promises: the triple-lock on pensions, lower taxes for ordinary working people, the pupil premium giving money to schools, and two million new apprenticeships.

It was that 24% of the vote that gave us the power to do it.

I’m a West Midlands businessman with a track-record in charities, the arts, NHS and industry. If you elect me, I’ll serve you with passion and intelligence. If I don’t win, your vote will still support sensible, Lib Dem, coalition for the next parliament.