Chris worked as a schoolteacher and as a solicitor. An experienced campaigner, he is standing for Stourbridge for the fifth time. Chris has lived in Stourbridge for 26 years. He joined the Liberal Democrats in 1992, as the party who were serious about environmental issues. Chris is passionate about fighting climate change, building a more equal society nationally and internationally, maintaining Britain’s influence in the world by keeping Britain in the EU – and safeguarding public libraries.

Chris served nine years on Dudley Council as a councillor for Norton. Some of his achievements: the Stourbridge farmers’ market; outside lighting on the Broadway flats; saving The Mere playing field; and saving the children’s play area in Swan Pool Park. He campaigned for a Stourbridge Area Committee, and is disgusted that Labour have abolished it. He would support establishment of a West Midlands Urban Authority, and would look to it to improve public transport links, including restoring direct rail services from Stourbridge to New Street. Chris is aghast that Ukip and the Greens want to cancel HS2.

Chris worries that a Conservative-only government would cut spending and imperil public services; whereas a Labour-only government would threaten the recovery by over-borrowing – like last time.