We are now 36 years into an experiment with the economy (Thatcherism, free-market economics) which has failed.

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties which have been in government during this time, are now shouting ‘growth’ despite the country’s commitment to combat climate change in the 2008 Climate Change Act. UKIP are in denial about climate change.

The Green Party would tackle the deficit by raising the top rate of tax (on incomes above £150,000) to 60%; by a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions; by a land value tax based on frequently updated values. We would also save money by scrapping hugely expensive schemes like Trident and HS2.

We would shift the focus of policy towards the local economy by recognising the ‘north-south’ (area around London) divide. We would revive local government which has been shamefully neglected and repressed in recent decades, and community banking (Captain Mainwaring banking) which has also been neglected as governments have encouraged the rise of mis-named investment banking.

This local approach is quite different from that of the Localism Act 2011 which scrapped the regional strategy necessary to support local economies. Local businesses including co-operatives, local jobs.