"For far too long the ordinary working class have had no representation in Westminster.

I want to change that on May 7th. I am a straight talking person that is not afraid to speak out on issues that concern many. I believe strongly in democracy and transparency. As your MP it will be my responsibility to make myself and staff available so I will look to have an office/coffee shop open and accessible as soon as possible. I will work with local schools and colleges to improve opportunities for our local children with better apprenticeships and skills based learning. I will listen to and work with local businesses to look at ways of increasing investment into the area because I believe we can work better if we work together. I will take your concerns and issues to Westminster and be your voice ensuring Halesowen & Rowley Regis gets a fair deal.

I am not a career politician and my priorities will always be constituency first party second. I will push for you to have your say on our membership of the EU and who governs us.