I have lived in Oldswinford since I became the Conservative Party candidate in 2007.

Prior to coming in to politics I started and built up a business in the health and communications area. When my company started to do well in the nineties, it became important to me to use the experience I was gaining to contribute back to society.

I am very proud that the people of Stourbridge placed their trust in me at the last election. I have served as your MP for five years. During that time I have helped thousands of constituents. I have spoken up for the town in Parliament, and I have led initiatives that have improved opportunities for young people and local business.

I have made good connections with our local Police, schools, colleges, GPs and the local hospital services. I meet with them all regularly so that I can represent people better when they need help.

I am very touched by the response I have had from so many people about the work I have done, and how I have represented this wonderful constituency. I am asking for your support to carry on with that work after May 7th.