I'm 33, live in Netherton, in Dudley South and used to teach in a primary school.

For the last few years I've volunteered for the Green Party in Netherton, Woodside and St Andrew's where I've listened to residents' concerns and taken action on them.

In response to these concerns and my own experiences I'm standing up against austerity, the profiteering privatisation of public services, the bedroom tax, tax avoidance and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

I'm standing for more decent, affordable, energy efficient homes that create jobs and a free, publicly owned NHS that has the funds and freedom to integrate with social care and treat mental health on a par with physical health.

With the Green Party I'm standing up for free education, votes at 16 and a renationalised public transport system that's cheaper and more accessible. I'm calling for a Living Wage of £10 by 2020 within an economy that works for the common good, not just a select few. I'm standing up for safer streets and a focus on local businesses that keep money in Dudley's local economy.

I'm standing to give people the chance to vote for a fairer society and a sustainable future.