A SHAMELESS Lower Gornal woman who preyed on an 80-year-old stroke victim to fuel her heroin addiction has been jailed for two years.

Amy Sutton, aged 29, of Shadwell Drive, admitted burglary and Recorder Mark Rhind at Wolverhampton Crown Court told her the only possible sentence was one of immediate custody.

The court heard Sutton tricked her way into the pensioner’s Dudley home - aware that the front door was left unlocked to allow carer’s access into the property.

The woman recognised Sutton and it was during a conversation that she revealed where she kept her jewellery hidden - Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said.

He told the court Sutton, who was in the property for about 40 minutes, got away with four chains and a bangle valued at £1,600 which she then sold for a fraction of the price to buy drugs.

The jewellery was not insured and was priceless to the woman who had been given the items by her late husband, added Mr Jones.

In a victim impact statement she later told police: “I did not stop crying for over two days. That woman acted as if she was sweet and charming when, in reality, she was the most evil person I have met in my life.”

The Recorder said when the victim, who had suffered four strokes in ten years, proudly told Sutton about her jewellery it must have been clear it was of “huge sentimental value" and he added: "This is the kind of offence that even the criminal fraternity looks down on."

Timothy Talbot-Webb, defending, said Sutton - a woman with a list of previous convictions for dishonesty - was now determined to put her life back on track and resolve her drug habit.