A 20-YEAR-old learner driver who injured a police officer when he deliberately rammed his patrol car during a ‘terrifying’ high speed chase in Netherton has been locked up for a year.

Jordan Anderson drove his Vauxhall Astra on three wheels with sparks flying into the air after losing a tyre in the ten minute pursuit through the Netherton area.

Recorder Barry Berlin banned Anderson from the roads for two years Wolverhampton Crown Court and told him: “This was an appalling piece of extended dangerous driving. It was utterly shocking.”

The recorder stressed it was only good fortune that no-one had been injured.

Anderson, of Vicarage Road, Lye, hit speeds of up to 80mph in the chase through a built up area as he went through three sets of traffic lights on red, the wrong way down a one-way street and onto the pavement.

He also went over a hump backed bridge at speed when it was impossible to see if there was any oncoming traffic and drove for long periods on the wrong side of the road.

The recorder added: “You stopped at one stage but you were not finished. You then deliberately reversed into the police vehicle.

“You crashed into the passenger door injuring a police officer inside the vehicle. Then off you went again. I lost count watching CCTV of the number of give-way signs you ignored.”

Mr Berlin said Anderson eventually had to stop because his front nearside tyre became detached but he still tried to get away from the police while driving on three wheels with sparks coming from his car.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said the chase began in Cole Street when police sounded their siren to bring the Astra to a halt, but Anderson quickly accelerated away at speed.

The pursuit lasted for ten minutes and after his arrest Anderson told the officers he did not have insurance.

Timothy Talbot-Webb, defending, said Anderson was invited to a party and he made the foolish decision to drive in a car he had bought and was working on.

“He then made a further foolish decision when he tried to get away from the police officers,” Mr Talbot-Webb added. “He very much regrets what he has done. He knows he behaved badly.”

Anderson admitted driving dangerously, without a licence or insurance and assaulting a police officer.