CONCERNED Sedgley residents are demanding that more is done to stop motorists pushing the pedal to the metal as they travel along Northway - a slightly hilly and winding residential road.

Campaigners from Northway Action Group for Road Safety (NAG4RS) have already secured a small victory in the battle against speeding drivers as Dudley Council recently installed new signs, road markings, a bollard and mini roundabout.

But they are far from surrendering as the measures have only made a "marginal difference" according to lead campaigner Tony North.

Mr North and other members of the group met with Dudley North MP Ian Austin and Councillor Hilary Bills, the council's road safety chief, on Wednesday (September 2) to share their ideas for making the road safer.

Suggestions included flashing speed limit signs, speed cameras and changing the road surface - particularly on the bend near Rowena Gardens and Swallowfields.

Cllr Bills said she thought the council would be able to "run with" some of the groups ideas and said they were "a shining example" of a community group.

She added: "We want to sort this out as it is a road that has an awful lot of traffic on.

"My job is now to go away and see how."

Mr Austin added: "Northway residents have told me that speeding on the road is so bad that near misses happen weekly and accidents are becoming more and more common."

He said the measures already in place were "a great start" but hoped now Cllr Bills was involved more could be done.

Mr North said he was encouraged by the "positive" meeting but vowed that the group would not give up until road safety had been significantly improved.