Paul Rogers, who grew up in Sedgley, has returned home with his New Image Ministry to tour schools and churches with a show tackling issues from violence to suicide.

Paul, who attended Alder Coppice Primary School and Dormston, left England 12 years ago to live in America.

The multi-talented athlete and former English bodybuilding champion, who stands at nearly 6-feet tall and weighs about 265lbs, starred as Thor' on the hit television show American Gladiators for three years before playing the role of the Terminator in the T2-3D adventure ride at Universal Studios in Florida.

These days Paul spreads messages on anti-drugs, abstinence and academic excellence around the world, touring America, Asia and the UK in a thrilling show which includes smashing up flaming bricks with bare hands.

Paul said: "We talk to the children about the choices they have and teach them that they are the ones who have to make the right decisions.

"They were not born a winner or a loser but a chooser.

"We encourage them to be the best they can be, and be a dream maker not a dream breaker.

"We tell the children how tough times will come in life, but tough times don't last but people who are tough in character and nature do, reminding them how an obstacle is only an opportunity."

Paul and his ministry will be touring schools throughout the week and will also be visiting Sedgley Community Church on Saturday at 8pm and 6pm on Sunday where everyone is invited to attend.