THE police got more than they bargained for when they arrested a drunk driver in Stourbridge today (Sunday) - a car containing nunchucks and suspected stash of cocaine.

The police arrested a man in his 20s on Mamble Road, Wollaston, for drink driving after he blew a 45mg of alcohol in a breathalyser.

Officers then discovered the martial arts weapons and what they believed was cocaine.

Stourbridge Police tweeted: "A man in his 20's arrested Mamble Road, Wollaston, drugs suspected to be cocaine and nunchucks.

"Male stopped for fast driving, now in custody for possession of cocaine, offensive weapon and drink drive."

The motorway police also had a result in Halesowen today at J3 on M5.

The motorway police tweeted: "Vehicle stopped off J3 M5. Officers discovered a large quantity of goods in the vehicle which the occupants admitted stealing. Two detained."