RELIGIOUS leaders across the borough have condemned the terror attack that struck the heart of London.

Rev Jem Hawkins, Imam Hashmi and Rajesh Patel from Dudley Borough Interfaith Network met today to remember the victims, their families and everyone affected by yesterday's events, lighting a candle for them and for peace.

In a joint statement, they said: “Our prayers and thoughts are with the victims of the terror attack in Westminster, as they are for all such victims around the world.

“We grieve with those who are grieving and pray for all victims and their families.

“We are shocked and horrified by this indiscriminate attack on humanity.

“We urge all people of faith and no faith throughout the borough of Dudley and the country, to remember the victims in our homes, congregations and communities as we strive to uphold the values of sanctity of life, tolerance, lawfulness and togetherness that we all cherish.

“People of all faiths within Dudley borough stand in solidarity in condemning this grievous act.”