A BOOK about a young boy growing up in Dudley has received rave reviews.

‘Hilarious’ is how one reader described The Dennis Bisskit Adventures, written by Stephen Ainley.

The author, who grew up in Handsworth but now lives in Western Australia, had penned many articles and short stories over the years, but this is his first fictional book to be published.

It follows Dennis, a short, ginger-haired lad from Dudley, who was born in 1945 - the day the war ended.

It should have been a good omen but instead it's been one disaster after another.

Readers can gasp at the great holiday camp knobbly-knees scandal of 1955, be amazed as Dennis attempts to win back the world mile record for Queen and country, shed a tear as he visits the battlefields of France with his grandad and meet the memorable Colour Sergeant Plunkett who teaches the young man everything he needs to know about the Army.

The book is now available to buy on Amazon.