THE BCFMSG held its June meeting at Merry Hill Customer Services Suite.

The guest speaker was Jane Southall RGN BSc (Hons) DPSN who is part of the Dudley Pain Service based at Russells Hall Hospital.

The talk was very informative to the attending members covering Fibromyalgia treatment, the needs of education and exercise, also medication of the condition.

Mention of specific pain relievers was of great interest to the assembled members as were the answers Jane fielded both formally in the session and at refreshment break supplied by the catering team.

Chairperson Susanne Truman presented Jane with gifts of a plant and chocolates and group photographs were taken.

Jane Southall has undertaken to visit the group annually, probably in the June meeting slot.

The usual raffle to add to group funds and the new members forum were also part of the meeting. Social meetings/outings - coach trip to Melton Mowbray and the annual garden party were mentioned.

After the refreshment break the chairman of FMA UK Pam Stewart MBE updated the group on recent national and international events concerning Fibromyalgia.

The annual group leaders and regional co-ordinators' meeting held in Somerset mid-May and the Symposium for European Studies of Rheumatologists in Barcelona later this month, the overseas venue having identified awareness and treatments for the condition.

Awareness week in September was another topic Pam brought to the group's attention with thought on Making Fibromyalgia visible' by all wearing yellow with black dots within the period as a reminder of colours of the charity's logo.

Future meetings are scheduled for July 19 and August 16. Details on group can be obtained call 0871 750 1728.