A WOMAN has told a jury how her doctor left her in "shock" after he carried out a sex attack while her husband sat in the Dudley surgery's waiting room.

"I felt very, very uncomfortable," she told Wolverhampton Crown Court.

"I tensed up and I froze."

Dr Jaswant Rathore is accused of sexually assaulting eight female patients at the Castle Meadows Surgery between November 2008 and March 2015 but has pleaded not guilty to the 18 charges.

The woman told the three man-nine woman jury: "I felt very embarrassed. I knew something was not right."

She said she went to the surgery for treatment for neck and back pain and said Rathore was present because her usual physiotherapist was unavailable.

Nothing at all was said during the session, she told the court, adding: "That was what I found strange."

She said the doctor carried out the sex attack during her 20 minute appointment and when he stopped, he told book her next appointment leaving her in a state of "shock".

The prosecution have claimed the 60-year-old doctor, of Ploughmans Walk, Wall Heath, assaulted the eight women during what has been described as "manipulative therapy".

Heidi Kubik, prosecuting, said they were done under the cover of diagnosis or treatment for various medical problems to fulfil his "illicit sexual needs".

She alleged the doctor went beyond proper medical treatment and touched the women sexually and he derived some sexual pleasure from his actions.

But when questioned after his arrest the doctor maintained he had always acted professionally and everything he had done had been appropriate to the treatment of the women.

The trial - expected to last another two weeks - is continuing.