A FATHER who moved south from Dudley with his young son to start a new life hanged himself just days after starting to decorate the new home.

The body of the 48-year-old man was found by his son - believed to be aged 10 years - hanging from a gazebo in the garden of their new home.

An inquest was told the boy's loud sobbing was heard by a neighbour who rushed over and found the tragic scene. The boy was banging his head against a wall and was asking why his father had hanged himself.

A coroner heard that Hayat Ali had decided to move from his home in the Kates Hill area to High Wycombe in leafy Buckinghamshire to start a new life. He was decorating the property before undertaking the big move.

The inquest in Beaconsfield, Bucks, was told that Amjad Khan, a neighbour living opposite Mr Ali’s new home, heard the loud crying of a young boy early on Saturday October 7 and was the first to call the emergency services.

In a statement read at the inquest, Mr Khan said: “At approximately 9.30am I heard a young boy crying and went across to see what was happening. I had been carrying out some work at the front of my house.

“The boy said his dad had killed himself in the garden and he was saying ‘why has he done this, I could have helped him?' while banging his head on the wall repeatedly.

“I called 999 and they told me to get the body down as there might have been a chance to preserve life. I left the boy with my father and took a worker with me to try to help.

“I held the body while the worker cut the rope. Just as we cut him down the ambulance arrived. There was a brown stool by where the gazebo was. They only moved in a couple of weeks ago. I know nothing about him and know no history of their family. I never really spoke to him, only hello when they moved in.”

A statement from the South Central Ambulance Service confirmed that an ambulance were called to Bushey Close, High Wycombe, and that there were no external injuries on the body.

Lacerations to the neck were in keeping with a hanging, pathologist Professor Ian Roberts, who carried out the post-mortem examination, told the inquest.

In a statement, Detective Constable Christopher Hatton of Thames Valley Police said: “In the rear of the garden was a large, fairly substantial gazebo. It was covered on the sides but had an opening at the front. There were shelves in the gazebo and it was being used for storage.

“It was from the central part of the gazebo that he had hanged himself from. There was a rope and a stool at the scene. I was there at the time and I took the rope down.

“There were two people that had stayed at the property that night, the son and him. It required some planning though and there was no involvement from anyone else.

“Not one single person mentioned that they could have seen this coming, from the family or anyone else. But it was not a cry for help as there was nothing around, giving no-one a chance.”

Det. Con. Hatton also confirmed there was no note found during a search of the house.

Buckinghamshire Coroner Crispin Butler confirmed the death was a suicide and said: “Mr Ali’s death was a result of a hanging. No notes were found but it is clear from the method used that this required a degree of planning and intent.”