NUISANCE off-road motorcyclists have been terrorising borough nature reserves, leaving fed-up residents at the end of their tether.

People living near Buckpool and Fens Pool Nature Reserve, Brierley Hill, and Barrow Hill Local Nature Reserve, Dudley, are demanding action, saying the bikes pose a "danger" to those using the green spaces.

Mark Giles, who lives nearby, said: "People who have been walking over Fens Pool have had bikes come directly towards them - they're now scared to go over there.

"It's not only the nature reserve, they are also causing a nuisance on the surrounding roads - often wearing no helmets and balaclavas.

"The noise from the bikes is so loud and it can go on until 10pm. They are constantly up and down the road, it's a nuisance, plus you can't see them on the bikes, they have no lights and they wear dark clothing so they can't be seen."

The 44-year-old said riders he had spotted "all look underage" and often didn't wear helmets, adding: "My major worry is that someone is going to end up killing themselves."

Keen to support the residents' plight, Dudley South MP Mike Wood has launched a petition urging the Government to work with Dudley Council and West Midlands Police to take immediate action to safeguard the reserves.

He has also called upon the council to intervene – in the form of Public Space Protection Orders - before the problem escalates further.

Mr Wood said: “I have launched this petition to try to stop these bikes that are causing damage to the nature reserves. They are a real danger to people who use the nature reserves and a nuisance to residents who live nearby.

"Once people have signed the petition, I will present it in Parliament and use it to get the police and council to do everything possible to put an end to these menaces.”

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, Dudley's cabinet member for environmental services, said the council was aware of the problems, adding: "We have done all we can to install barriers, but this is a continual process as what normally happens is they find another way to get in.

“We are in regular contact with the police to try and control it.

“Meanwhile, we are aware that Mike Wood MP is lobbying the council for a Public Space Protection Order and this is obviously something we will be looking at as well.”

Anyone who would like a copy of the petition should email