AN illegal immigrant was found hiding in the wall of a rented Dudley property that was "ruined" after being turned into a cannabis farm.

There were 75 plants growing in the three bedrooms and lounge of the detached Paganel Drive property, which would have produced a "significant" amount of the class B drug to be sold on commercial scale.

Anh Hoang, a 29-year-old illegal immigrant from Vietnam, was found hiding inside a hole in one of the walls and was arrested by police officers, David Bennett, prosecuting, told Wolverhampton Crown Court.

He said the house had been privately rented by a female owner and "substantial" damage was caused to the property.

The owner was left suffering badly from stress when told about the cannabis factory and she had to seek medical attention, Mr Bennett added.

Hoang, of no fixed address, admitted producing the controlled drug and he was jailed for 10 months by Judge Dean Kershaw, who described him as a "gardener" for the illegal operation.

"I cannot make an order for the unfortunate lady whose house has been ruined," he added as he told Hoang he could be deported at the end of his time behind bars.

"You knew full well what you were doing," the judge told Hoang, who entered the UK on a work visa and remained here when it expired.

He added: "You have smoked cannabis so you knew exactly what it was you were growing.

"These plants could have produced a significant quantity of the drug."

Simon Hanns, defending, said Hoang was a man of previous good character who had come into the country hoping to improve his life.