CONCERNED Dudley MP Ian Austin has given his backing to a campaign being launched by Citizens Advice to tackle excess profits being made by energy companies.

Mr Austin is says energy giants are putting profit before people while prices continue to rise.

Figures obtained by Citizens Advice reveal energy companies are making an average profit of £305 per household in the West Midlands, which is the third highest in the country.

Under the current price control, energy networks are set to make a staggering £7.5billion in excess profits.

The MP has hit out at the energy companies and claimed: " Wages here are below the national average yet bills keep going up.

"Energy bills have rocketed in recent years as lots of families throughout the Black Country are struggling to make ends meet.

"Citizens Advice help 4,000 energy consumers per day with their bills and over the winter there were many stories about people having to choose between eating and heating.

"It's terrible that families are paying an average of £350 straight into the profits of energy companies."

He has given his backing to a five point pledge proposed by Citizens Advice to make sure that consumers aren't left out of pocket.

This includes lower profits, unspent funding being returned to consumers, information on industry business plans, performance, financial structures gearing and ownership.

They also want to see innovation funding and incentives to support customers in the transition to a low carbon future.