VISUALLY impaired tenpin bowlers from the Beacon Centre were victorious when they took on a sighted team wearing blacked out goggles.

The Sedgley sight loss charity's team captain Ranjit Boprai wanted staff at Tenpin Dudley in Castlegate Way and the Beacon Centre to experience what it would be like to play blind - being guided by a sighted volunteer who directs individuals with verbal commands.

They rose to the challenge and were happy to play wearing blacked out goggles to simulate being blind, during a friendly game to raise awareness of visually impaired bowling last week.

Ranjit, aged 53, said: “I have been playing for the past four years and throughout this time Tenpin Dudley has always supported us by donating free game time for charity events.

"Without their kind backing we could not have highlighted the importance of the sport and life beyond sight loss.”

Arwyn Jones, CEO at the Beacon Centre, added: “This was an amazing experience.

"As someone who does not live with a visual impairment I felt very vulnerable when I put on the goggles.

"However, with some guidance and instructions I started to get into the swing of things and gradually built up my confidence. "Sports, such as tenpin bowling, provide a vital social outlet for many people and helps encourage inclusivity in diversity in sport.”

To learn more about visually impaired sports or join the Beacon Centre tenpin bowling team, visit or call 01902 880 111.