DUDLEY South MP Mike Wood has called for greater awareness of sepsis – having suffered from the illness himself.

The MP went into a 10-day coma after contracting sepsis early last year. His family were told he had only a 10 per cent chance of surviving.

Now the MP is calling for people to have more awareness about the signs and symptoms of the illness – especially in babies and young children.

Sepsis, which is also known as septicaemia, is a life threatening condition where the body fights a severe infection that has spread into the bloodstream.

It often triggers blood clots and major organ failure, while claiming the lives of six million people worldwide every year.

Now Mr Wood has spoken out on the dangers of the illness following an event at Parliament which was hosted by UK Sepsis Trust.

He said: “It's crucial that we educate younger generations about the warning signs of sepsis and I hope to work with local schools and the UK Sepsis Trust to do just that.

“If you, or someone you know, feels feverish, fluey, has a chest or water infection and begins to feel much more unwell than you have ever done before, just ask, ‘could it be sepsis?’

“I only went to hospital at a very late stage after contracting sepsis, and if it had not been for the dedication and commitment of NHS staff at Russells Hall Hospital I wouldn’t be here today.”

For more information about sepsis, visit sepsistrust.org.