I didn’t know of any of the four acts performing at Comedy at The Courthouse prior to last night’s intimate gig but I feel like I’ve now had the perfect introduction.

I’m a big fan of cosy comedy venues - the main reason being I don’t need my glasses to see the acts on stage!

The atmosphere is always better and I believe you always get a better performance - after all, if you’re not laughing, they can see you!

President Obonjo, a dictator from the ‘Lafta Republic’ marched onto the stage in full uniform to kick proceedings off.

It was a slightly smaller crowd than he was used to (he regularly pulls in 350 people you know!) but he didn’t let that end his mission to find another wife.

The character comic’s set covered Trump, Brexit and ‘self love’.

He may have started his set by demanding the audience stood up and declared their adoration but by the end, we genuinely did.

Next up was Jake Baker. He only had a 10 minute set but I would have loved to have seen him perform for longer.

Although he seemed slightly nervous, his set was brilliant - comparing online dating to plane crashes, revealing his dad’s hilarious take on the tooth fairy and his disappointing review from ‘The Guardian’ - he’s certainly one to watch.

George Rigden oozed confidence as he strutted on to the stage with his guitar.

Throughout his set, he was trying to woo Cath in the second row and see off her poor boyfriend Mark - much to everyone else’s enjoyment.

His songs were short and sweet but pulled in the laughs and he was the perfect act to go before the main event, John Robertson.

I knew he had to be good when I walked into see people proudly wearing t-shirts with his face on.

And he didn’t disappoint, running on to the stage like a caged animal that had been set free.

It was a brilliantly bonkers half hour set that was mostly unscripted.

The Aussie nicked a pint from a poor bloke in the audience, climbed on chairs, was bemused by curtain tie backs, the sheer height of some audience members, compared several bald men to his genitalia and got to grips with the term “gaffer”.

I don’t think I stopped laughing or smiling throughout and in just 30 minutes, he became one of my favourite comedians.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, which was, as always, hosted by Dudley’s own Wayne Beese.

His best moment came half way through the show, when he revealed that his wife was on a camping trip and took the opportunity to tell a story that he can’t usually get away with under her watchful eye.

I won’t go into detail for fear of feeling the wrath of Mrs B but I will say it involved Wayne getting far too into Football Manager!

While it is possibly one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard, his cousin stole his thunder and probably got the biggest laugh of the night by announcing that she’d got his missus on the phone and she’d heard the lot!

The next Comedy at The Courthouse takes place on Friday, August 31 with headliner Nathan Caton.

I can honestly say you’d be mad to miss it.

You can get tickets now via www.funnybeeseness.co.uk.