IAN Austin has been reprimanded amid allegations that tempers flared during a conversation about Labour's anti-Semitism policy - but the Dudley North MP has refused to take it lying down.

Complaints were lodged against Mr Austin by Ian Lavery - a Wansbeck MP and chairman of the Labour Party - and Derby North MP Chris Williamson, relating to "incidents" that are said to have taken place in Parliament on July 16 and 17.

He was later told the party would be investigating the alleged incidents, in which Mr Austin is said to have put his point of view across "in a loud and aggressive manner, thereby creating an incident".

In a letter to Mr Austin, Chief Whip Nick Brown explained that he was formally warning him against any repeat of such behaviour and reprimanding him for the incidents.

Mr Brown added: "I want to clarify a crucial distinction between criticism of colleagues, including our party leadership, and shouting aggressively in a public space, let alone the House of Commons. The former is acceptable, the latter is not."

The MP took to Twitter to share a letter his lawyers have sent to Labour's general secretary Jennie Formby, which described the process as "a farce and a disgrace", adding: "It has plainly been designed to silence our client for his legitimate, honestly-held criticisms of Mr Corbyn's failure to address the scourge of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party."

The letter states the Labour Party has "failed to observe the most rudimentary principles of natural justice, due process and transparency in investigating the complaints", adding: "The issue of a warning and reprimand is, in the circumstances, wholly unconscionable and neither it nor the process leading to its issue can be regarded as fair."

Mr Austin was not told the full details of the complaints, nor was he given an opportunity to defend himself against the complaints, the letter added.

It concludes by asking the Labour Party - should it wish to proceed with the complaints, to provide details of the complaints, the relevant rules of orders Mr Austin is alleged to have contravened, the status of Mr Brown's reprimand and how it impacts the investigation and who will be conducting it.