A MAN took his own life when he jumped in front of a train at Sandwell and Dudley station, a coroner has concluded.

Terrance Partridge, who was born in Old Hill, was pronounced dead at the scene after being struck by a train shortly after 7.40pm on Saturday, July 28.

An inquest at Black Country Coroners Court heard the 64-year-old drove to the Oldbury railway station following a 'very minor' argument with his wife, but he came from a happy family and there was nothing to suggest why he had chosen to take his own life.

The court was told Mr Partridge, who had no history of mental health issues but did have various health problems, died from fatal injuries after “jumping” in front of an oncoming train.

Assistant coroner Laura Nash concluded Mr Partridge’s death as a suicide.

“It seems there was a very minor argument – nothing that would be the driving force for him to go to the train station," she said.

“Why he did it? No one will ever know and unfortunately that is sometimes the way it is when loved ones decide to take their own life.

“I have no doubts he came from a happy family unit and it is a mystery to me as much as it is to his family members.”