PLANS for apartment blocks in Dudley have been turned down flat by councillors because it would deny green space to local people.

The scheme for three, two storey high blocks on an open grassed area, sloping upwards from Dibdale Road to Salop Street, were voted down by the borough’s development control committee this week.

Councillors had adjourned their decision in July to visit the site and see first hand objectors’ fears.

They included loss of open space currently used as a play area for children, increased noise from traffic and parking problems.

In addition, a local business Blakes Sheds complained because it might receive complaints from future residents about the noise levels of its machinery.

South Staffs Water had also said land it owns next to the site could attract anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Colin Elcock, opposing the application and planning officer’s recommendation for it be approved, said: “This is a poor site to build this sort of development on and I think there are too many reasons for not building on it and not enough to support building on it.”

Cllr Bryan Cotterill said  the development would be detrimental to local people.

“Right in the middle of this land is a green open space. Now it may not be classified as green belt but it is the green belt of the people who live in the area.”

He added: “What it is suitable for is for children to play on and for people to take their dog for a walk, and we should not be taking that away from the residents.”