A group of community-spirited Cradley residents are taking matters into their own hands to tidy the area - and have already cleared a "mountain of rubbish."

They have formed Pickup Cradley and are getting their hands dirty tidying plastic and other waste littering streets and green areas.

Conservative election candidate James Clinton is part of the small group which stages regular clean-ups and appealed for volunteers to join its ranks.

James said: "We have cleared what must equate to a mountain of rubbish but it still feels like we have only scratched the surface.

"As soon as we have cleared one area another is flagged up by residents.

"We collected 18 bags of rubbish from Park Road behind the basketball court.

"There was all sorts of rubbish - tents, knives, needles and duvets."

James said the group is spending six weeks of Saturdays tidying the entrance into Colley Gate, working from Mcdonalds up.

He said: "We have got the scouts and cadets on board but the job is vast.

"So any residents who want a bit of exercise and to help the town and the environment should get in touch.

"We’d welcome any help, as much or as little as their schedule will allow.”

Karen Shakespeare, Conservative Group Spokesperson for Environmental Services, said: "It's marvellous they have pride in the area they live, they do work really hard and have transformed areas in Cradley.

"I really admire what they are doing."

Cllr Shakespeare said Dudley Council supplies the group with gloves, bags and litterpickers and arranges with it to collect the bags when filled with rubbish.

Anyone interested can visit Pickup Cradley's Facebook page or call James on 07751 251220.