LOVE was in air at the Black Country Museum when the Bottle and Glass Inn hosted a romantic proposal.

Peaky Blinders fans Kay Ephrave, aged 27, and Stef Hall, aged 29, got engaged in the museum's iconic pub, which was decked out with rose petals and candles for a romantic ambience.

They were even presented with a brass heart at the museum's foundry.

The couple are from London and Brownhills respectively but have a shared affection for the Black Country.

Kay explained: "I’m a massive fan of the Black Country’s culture and history. I grew up with my grandparents, who are from Dudley, talking about it all the time.”

Kay's two-year-old son presented her partner Stef with the ring, which took him completely by surprise.

“The experience has been magical, especially at the brass foundry, where we received a brass heart.”

The trio finished off the happy day with a bag of fish and chips from the museum's much-loved Hobbs and Sons.