TEACHERS forced a Halesowen schoolboy to do PE with a broken kneecap, claims his distraught mother.

Seven-year-old Brandon Hunt fractured his patella during a playground fall at Olive Hill Primary School last week.

But Brandon's mother Sammie Gwilliams says his injuries were only diagnosed when she took him to Russell's Hall Hospital after collecting him at the end of the school day.

She claims Brandon had been left 'hopping on one leg' all day and had even been forced to begin a PE lesson despite clearly being in pain.

Sammie said: "Brandon told a member of staff that he had fallen and was unable to stand on his one leg.

"He was taken to the first aid room at the school, where a cold compress was applied behind his knee.

"He was then told that it was okay and he would have a bruise on his knee within a day or two.

"He was unable to stand properly on it and was then forced by the teacher to do outdoor PE.

"When I picked him up from school he could hardly stand and he was unable to put any pressure on his one leg.

"Brandon was very distressed and in loads of pain.

"I then questioned his teacher as to why my son could hardly stand. Her reply was that Brandon had fallen earlier in the day but was fine."

After supporting Brandon on the walk home, Sammie took him to hospital when she noticed his knee was very swollen.

She added: "He had a X-ray which showed up a fractured kneecap. I’ve been told he may need surgery at a later date."

Sammie insists she will be removing Brandon from the school after what she considers safeguarding failures.

"Olive Hill Primary School at no point phoned me to let me know my son had fallen," she claimed.

"Neither did they administer the correct medical intervention as they failed to get my son any medical help. No ambulance was called.

"They completely ignored the fact that he was in pain and left him all day hopping around on one leg.

"This school did not follow the correct procedures of safeguarding my son.

"He even asked one of the teachers to phone me as he was very frightened and needed help."

A spokesperson for Stour Vale Academy Trust, which runs the school, declined to comment on the specific incident.

But they added: "Olive Hill has appropriate risk assessments, first aid provisions and safeguarding practices in place."