Madam - On Wednesday, March 6, 2019 my father, Adrian Bridgwater, fell and fractured his hip on the car park of Lloyds Pharmacy and Wychbury Medical Centre.

On behalf of my father, the family would like to thank Tom Payne who helped him to get to the safety of the pharmacy and John from Beckman Road who stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. Thanks too to the staff of Lloyds Pharmacy, Wychbury Medical Centre, West Midlands Ambulance Service, Russells Hall Hospital and Tiled House where he is currently receiving intermediate care. Many of these people are working long hours in environments where services are stretched to the limit and deserve to know that they are appreciated.

However a special mention must go to the two gentlemen who stopped to help when they could have simply walked by. It made all the difference at what was an already very difficult time for my father and his family.

Heartfelt thanks,

Debi Massey