DUDLEY Zoo's Asiatic lions received a Easter surprise- their own special Easter eggs.

Lions Asha and Kyra received a giant straw nest full of huge papier mâché eggs in their one-acre paddock on Easter Sunday.

The day also marked Kyra's 13th birthday.

The Easter treat was part of a process called enrichment, which is said to be hugely beneficial for animal welfare by stimulating and encouraging natural hunting, tracking and foraging behaviours,

Keeper Josh Luxton explained: "We made the eggs out of recycled paper animal feed sacks and newspaper, sticking them together with flour and water and we sprayed them with perfumes, as well as adding a few of their favourite meaty treats inside and the straw nest was made of used giraffe bedding to tantalise all their senses!

"The lions, especially birthday girl Kyra, loved the treat and it was great to see them running around the paddock tucking into their Easter eggs.”