THE installation of speed cameras on a major Dudley road has been welcomed by residents and campaigners.

Average speed cameras have been installed on the Birmingham New Road in Dudley to slow traffic down along the stretch of road going into the town, after a petition of 500 names was put to the council demanding better road safety.

A particular concern was the safety of pulling out of Woodcroft Avenue onto the busy route.

Residents Gordon Laird and Terry Ledbury campaigned with councillors Alan Finch, Margaret Aston, Ken Finch and Keiran Casey and Ian Austin MP to get average speed cameras installed, alongside the existing static speed camera in operation outside Aldi.

Gordon Laird and Terry Ledbury said: "Cars very frequently travel at excessive speeds and are putting lives at risk on this road.

"We are grateful for Alan, Ken, Margaret, Keiran and Ian's support to get these cameras fitted and we hope they'll make a difference for local people."

Ian Austin said: "Residents have been telling me for years how concerned they are about speeding on the Birmingham New Road.

"I promised to make road safety a priority of mine so I am glad to have been able to deliver on my promise and get something done on this dangerous stretch of road.

"The static speed camera opposite the Aldi has slowed traffic outside Woodcroft Avenue, but these average speed cameras should slow people down on the whole stretch of the road."

The camera is in use now.