A CAMPAIGNING Hagley doctor has continued to speak out about Brexit and his concerns about the impact on the UK's health service.

Dr David Nicholl, a consultant neurologist at a Birmingham hospital, spoke out on Newsnight a few weeks ago about how he fears the care of patients will be at risk in the event of a no deal Brexit based on information he has seen but the specifics of which he was gagged from talking about openly.

And this week, he spoke out again at the Change UK Health Press Conference at Birmingham Library in Centenary Square on Tuesday May 14 which invited press and health professionals to discuss ‘the devastating impact of Brexit on the NHS and why we need to stop it’.

Change UK MP Sarah Wollaston, chair of the Health Select Committee and a former GP, was also on the panel, along with fellow medics/Change UK MEP candidates for the West Midlands Charlotte Gath, Jo McKenna, Lucinda Empson and Stephen Dorrell (former Health Secretary).

Dr Nicholl was first moved to speak out after being made aware there could be problems stockpiling enough medication to treat particular conditions.

He realised one of the drugs that might be unable to be obtained in sufficient quantities was one he had prescribed to an epilepsy patient but he told the conference: "The issue goes well beyond drugs for epilepsy but drugs for chronic pain, insulin, radio-isotopes used as part of cancer treatment, anti-retroviral drugs for HIV, CAR-T therapy (for certain cancers) among others.

"Any delay in their import from the EU could risk the lives of people living in the UK.

"What has it come to when doctors are warning how Brexit will risk the lives of people living in the UK? That wasn’t on the bus.

"As The Lancet stated three months ago 'all forms of Brexit are bad for health, but some are worse than others'.

"People will die. We now have six months to make sure this does not happen. To have a vaccine for Brexit.

"As Donald Tusk stated 'please do not waste this time’. The risks to patients are too great if we do."