Dear editor,

These local elections have been tough for all candidates of all parties. Many times when I visited residents they have major concerns about Brexit, which is entirely justifiable.

That means I was even more humbled when over 50 per cent of those who voted in Belle Vale still chose to support me to continue to be their local councillor, despite the national context of these elections.

The support I received from local residents right through my first term of office and throughout the election campaign is something for which I hope to repay through hard work in the next four years.

I have an excellent campaign team who have worked very hard with me to deliver for the area and our focus will remain on that in the coming years.

I am truly honoured to represent such a pleasant and diverse community and I will work for all voters, including those who did not support me this time.

Local residents can continue to contact me via email, telephone or social media using my details which can be found at

Yours faithfully,

Councillor Simon Phipps