DRUG users are leaving used needles in an area used by children to get to a Rowley Regis primary school.

The needles have been found in an area called The Tump, near Highfields Primary School, in Beeches Road.

Local resident James Fox was horrified when he saw more than 30 needles on the morning of Sunday (May 19) while walking his dog and was so concerned he collected them up himself.

They were then collected from him by Sandwell Council. He then saw more needles in the same spot at 3.20pm the next day.

The 49-year-old father-of-two has reported the issue to the school and West Midlands Police. The area has a public footpath which runs through it and is used as a cut through from Perry Park Road to the school.

Mr Fox, of Beeches Road, said: "Little kids, you know what they're like, they pick up anything.

"I don't want anyone to get pricked and contract HIV or Hepatitis A.

"It's a serious health risk. I saw 30 to 40 needles, new and used and collected them myself.

" I know you shouldn't, but I was very careful and I just couldn't leave them there knowing they were there in case a young child was hurt.

"Then the next day there were another 13 needles again.

"It's obviously being used as a drugs den. I've contacted the police and they are sending a PCSO to meet me at the site.

"My lad used to go up there on weekends - he won't be going again."

Mr Fox said he thought the land was owned by the school.

But Sarah Garratt, headteacher at Highfields Primary School, said: "The school does not own any of the land off Highfield Crescent locally known as the Tump.

"The school did once lease part of it, but this agreement ended many years ago in 2006 and the school has not used the land or public footpaths since.

"We have warned parents about the area in the past and more recently as we have been made aware it is being used by drug addicts.

"We would urge parents and residents to report any criminal behaviour they witness to the police."