THE ruins at Priory Park in Dudley will host a mass Christian prayer this month.

The Bishop of Dudley, church leaders and Christians from across the borough will take part in the prayer on the historic site on Sunday June 9.

Graham Usher, the Bishop of Dudley, said: “It’s always a special occasion when Christians come together en masse to sing praise to God and pray for each other and our world. Being able to do that at the ruins of one of the oldest places of Christian worship in Dudley is particularly moving. This is a great event which shows what can be achieved when Christians work together. I hope as many as possible will come along to join us.”

This year's event is the third of it's kind and will see Christians from different churches gather to mark Pentecost, the day which celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples after Jesus’ death and resurrection.

At the event, church leaders will share their testimony on the impact of prayer and worshippers can share oatcakes as a symbol of togetherness.

The service starts at 2.30pm and people are invited to take part in a picnic beforehand weather permitting.