AN intrepid 83-year old has taken to the skies in a gyrocopter to raise funds for a cause very close to her heart.

Mary Law took on the challenge to raise awareness and funds for research into asbestos related diseases, which continue to kill people who were exposed to the substance decades ago.

The issue is deeply personal for Mary as her son, Royston Shipley, died from an asbestos related illness in 2010.

Mary turned her grief and anger at the lack of medication available for her son to start a shop in Dudley town centre, ARC Aid on New Street, which raise funds to fund research into asbestos related illness.

As a part of her fundraising efforts, Mary, who is from Wordsley, took to the skies at Halfpenny Green airport last month where she flew over to Bridgnorth and the Severn Valley Railway- her first time in a gyrocopter.

She was joined by pilot Phil Bennett on her special flight.

Speaking after the flight, Mary said:"I tried to wave to some visitors who had come to see me fly, the wind nearly took my arm off so I didn't again.

"It wasn't as noisy as I expected and turning to the right, I felt that I might roll out so I hung on to the side rail as we headed towards Bridgnorth, taking in the amazing country scenery below.

"It was lovely, there was a beautiful chocolate box scenery."

She was cheered on by her two of her daughters, Andrea and Melanie.

Mary is no stranger to pushing herself to the limit in her fundraising quests. She took part in a skydive in 2011, an abseil in 2014 and also has also braved the heights of Snowdon.

Mary's determination to take on challenges to raise awareness of the affects of asbestos has been driven by her son's experience with mesothelioma.

Mary has called the condition 'the Cinderella of cancers' due to the lack of awareness and funding it attracts.

It is a cancer of the lining of the lung or abdomen and it's only known cause is exposure to asbestos.

Speaking of her determination to raise awareness, Mary said: "It was anger that spurred me on. There was no medication to help my son."

Mary has yet to reveal the final total raised by her flight, but she has so far raised £400 and the proceeds will be split between Mesothelioma UK and Asbestos Support Central England.

Fundraising continues later this month with a fundraising concert at Parkes Hall Social Club in Dudley on June 21, featuring the band Rock the Joint and singer Ben Williams.

Tickets are on sale now for the show, which starts at 7.30pm.