THE FAMILY of a woman who died after falling from the multi-storey car park in Halesowen described her as "kind and caring" at an inquest into her death.

Julie Bolton, aged 44, jumped from the car park in Pool Road on Thursday March 7, at around 5.44am.

An inquest at the Black Country Coroner's Court heard her family describe the former shop worker as "kind and caring, always having good intentions to help family and friends."

The hearing heard a man walking to work called the emergency services - police and paramedics attended - Miss Bolton was found lying in the road, but nothing could be done to save her.

Miss Bolton, who had experienced mental health problems and had been living in supported accommodation at Murray Grey Mews, in Dudley Wood, had two notes tucked in the waistband of her trousers to her mother and brother and giving details of her next of kin.

The inquest heard she had gone to the car park twice in 2016 and had threatened to jump, but had been talked down.

Dr Amitav Narula, consultant psychiatrist for Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, treated Miss Bolton.

He said in January 2014 she was sectioned and admitted to Bushey Fields Hospital as she had become delusional. He said she had been stressed because she had been subject to a disciplinary at Asda where she worked and that she had lodged a complaint against her employer. Her mum, who she lived with, had breast cancer and she was worried about how she would cope without her.

She made progress and was discharged to the Home Treatment Team in February, but in July was admitted to Bushey Fields again as she was threatening to go to the car park in Halesowen and jump. She had stopped taking prescribed medication and was stressed about lack of money and work issues.

The inquest heard that Miss Bolton, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, had gone into Murray Grey Mews in 2018.

Her brother said her suicide threats - usually early hours of the morning - and periods of psychosis were draining on the family, but Julie didn't like being away from home and didn't mix with other residents.

He said she had Narcolepsy and partial hearing loss in one ear, but didn't want to wear a hearing aid - making social situations difficult.

The inquest heard at time of her death things were thought to be going well - she had started cooking and had built up rapport with staff - and plans were in place to reduce the dose of her fortnightly anti-psychosis injections.

Miss Bolton's family said she loved going on holidays and photography and would enjoy finding bargains for friends and family when she worked in a clothing shop.

They expressed concerns that there was no plan to keep an eye on her in the early hours to prevent suicide attempts and were worried a letter they found after her death about a rent increase may have played a part in triggering it.

But Mohammed Hussain, occupational services manager at Murray Grey Mews, for service provider Trident Reach, told the inquest the home had no power to restrict residents' movements and that there was "nothing to indicate any sort of relapse."

He said Miss Bolton lived in a house with her own bedroom but shared communal areas with other female occupants to encourage her to get over her social anxiety.

He said she had not raised concerns over the letter regarding the rent increase and that the rent would have been paid by her benefits.

Mr Hussain said Miss Bolton had been watching Hollyoaks the night before her death and went up to bed at 7pm. He said CCTV showed her leaving in a taxi at 3.51am.

A post mortem recorded her death was due to head and spinal injuries.

Black Country assistant coroner Laura Nash said after Miss Bolton moved into Murray Mews there was a period of "stabilisation and improvement." She said: "From 2016 there were no further instances or suspicions that she was self harming or had suicidal thoughts."

Ms Nash recorded a verdict of suicide at the inquest on Wednesday (June 5) and said "it's clear Julie was very close to her family."

The Samaritans helpline number is 116 123.