A QUINTON roofer has released CCTV footage showing brazen thieves taking his van in broad daylight.

Gary Kurlej says his business is suffering after his £3k white transit van was taken from a parking area opposite his home on Woodgate Lane.

The 48-year-old, who runs GDK Roofing, said vehicle crime is rife in the area and a number of his neighbours have also had vehicles taken.

The thieves were caught on a neighbour's CCTV camera pulling up in a similar van at 5.30pm on Thursday September 4, breaking into his van and then driving both away.

Gary hopes someone will know who has taken his van or know where it is.

He said he has a courtesy van from his insurance company, but it does not have a roof rack for his ladders and he can only keep it for a fortnight.

Gary said: "They pull up in a van next to mine and within six minutes it's gone.

"It looks like they had changed their number plate with tape.

"I'm in a panic, I've had to turn down work this week.

"I need my van back."

Gary has reported the theft to police, who he said are coming to look at the CCTV later this week. The van, which he only bought a month ago, is a 2012 white transit, registration number RJ12 TGF.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said a report of the van being stolen from Woodgate Lane was made at 6.20am on September 5. The crime reference number is 20BW/210682L/19. Anyone with information can call police on 101.