A PLUCKY 81-year-old fought back when a young pregnant woman tried to mug her at a cash machine in Blackheath.

Doreen Jones was targeted in broad daylight as she went to withdraw her pension from the ATM outside Lloyds Bank on High Street by a woman who pushed her out the way and tried to grab bank card.

But the young mugger didn't bargain on former welder Doreen who fought back furiously - pulling her hair and sending her off screaming.

Speaking to BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow, the twice-widowed pensioner told how she managed to snatch her bank card back before grabbing the suspect by the hair and collar forcing her to flee the scene with nothing.

She said: "She just targeted an elderly lady with a stick who she thought was vulnerable.

"But she was wrong.

"She wasn't expecting me, I tell you!"

The attempted theft happened at around 10.20am on Monday, May 20.

Police have only just released the video footage on the BBC's Crimewatch programme.

Doreen was at the cash point when a woman tapped on her shoulder. The woman kept tapping a piece of paper she was holding and then putting her hand to her mouth - Doreen told her to leave her alone, but she barged in front of Doreen, trying to steal her bank card.

CCTV in the Crimewatch show (above) shows the entire incident caught on camera.

Doreen, who worked as a welder in the car industry, said: "I thought, 'No, you're not having my money, I've worked hard for that'.

"She started screaming. I don't know why she was screaming, it was me that should have been screaming and crying."

The suspect escaped with no money, fleeing around the corner onto Beet Street.

Afterwards Doreen collapsed and paramedics were called to the bank when she started to have problems with her breathing.

Dudley News:

Since the incident, she has had two heart attacks which she believes were partially caused by the incident. She has also suffered anxiety issues since with visiting Blackheath High Street.

She said: "The just think about what they are going to get, they don't think about what it does to the person after."

Following the reconstruction, PSI Peter Rawlings of West Midlands Police said officers are looking for a 'heavily pregnant' woman or a woman who has just given birth as they believe Doreen's attacker could have been in the early stages of pregnancy in May.

"The suspect may have been pregnant at the time, so she may now be heavily pregnant or she may have recently had her child.", Rawlings told Crimewatch.

"We believe she was watching Doreen before the incident and targeted her because she was elderly and had a stick.

"Doreen's a tough lady and this suspect picked the wrong pensioner.

"But it has had an effect on Doreen, she has had heart problems since the incident which may be linked."

Anyone with information about the incident or anyone who knows where the woman is from, can call the Crimewatch Roadshow hotline on 08000 468 999. Alternatively submit information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.