A Dudley town centre park is set to be blocked to prevent travellers from entering the site, after repeated illegal incursions over the summer.

Numerous incursions have taken place since August, with the most recent arriving last weekend.

Travellers have been sent to the site from other parts of the borough, leading to protests from local councillors and residents.

Councillor Ali Shaukat, who represents St Thomas' ward, was set to hold a protest last week but it was halted after he was assured by council chiefs that no more incursions would take place at the site.

However, three caravans arrived over the weekend and were moved on yesterday, Tuesday September 17.

Six caravans remain on the site and are expected to be moved on tomorrow, Thursday September 19.

Deputy council leader, councillor David Vickers, said he was confident that no further incursions will take place on the site as barriers will be placed around the car park and an eviction order will be put in place.

He added: "The idea is to block the entrance and once we have got the order to move them, it will be still be in force."

He added he was confident that travellers will not be sent there again.

The repeated incursions led to councillor Ali claiming it was being used as a "dumping ground."

Speaking earlier the summer, council leader Patrick Harley denied Flood Street was being used a “dumping ground” and he said he did not want to see illegal incursions “anywhere in the borough”.