A JUNKIE just days out of prison has been put back behind bars for another 27 months after he robbed a terrified Quarry Bank man of his mobile telephone.

Judge James Burbidge QC told Ryan Sheldon he was "probably under the influence of drugs" when he pounced on his victim as he waited for a bus in Thorns Road.

And while it was accepted the amount of force he used on the man was modest it had left him speechless and in shock, said the Judge.

Sheldon approached his victim who was listening to music on his headphones as he waited for the arrival of the 276 bus to Dudley, said Geoffrey Dann prosecuting.

He told Wolverhampton Crown Court that 30-year-old Sheldon patted the victim down until he found the mobile which he took from his pocket while putting a hand in one of his own pockets to indicate he had a weapon.

The victim was frightened Sheldon was going to cause him harm and since the incident he was anxious about using public transport and he had made the decision to never use his phone in the street.

Sheldon, of Princip Street, Newton, Birmingham, admitted robbery and possessing a small quantity of amphetamines that were found on him when he was arrested.

Lucinda Wilmot-Lascelles, for Sheldon, told the court her client, who had a long list of previous convictions for similar offending, had been looking to sell the mobile to buy drugs.

But he had now made the decision to put his life back onto the rails after his release from custody . He had been a heavy user of drugs but he now cleaned up his habit.

She added: "He said nothing else mattered to him at that time. He was completely blinkered and unaware of the impact his behaviour would have on others."