AN arsonist who started a blaze at his flat after telling fire crews at Old Hill they would be seeing him soon has been jailed for four months.

Andrew Huxley, aged 46, went to the Haden Cross Fire Station demanding to be let in after maintaining he was feeling suicidal but he was refused admission.

He then left after his warning and a short time later crews went to nearby Halesowen Road where they saw Huxley standing outside his flat which was on fire.

Huxley who had set fire to the kitchen and a bedroom had been downing alcohol and taking drugs and he said he had no recollection about what had happened.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court, judge Simon Ward told Huxley: "What you did was stupid, anti-social and dangerous."

The judge stressed the dangers that could be caused by uncontrolled fires adding: "There was a significant risk of harm to other people by what you did."

But he told Huxley, now living in Durban Road, Smethwick, it was clear that while he had been in prison he had been taking determined steps to put his life in order and for that reason he was just able to pass a lesser sentence.

Huxley admitted arson and being reckless as to whether life was endangered in what was a "cry for help that was misplaced," said Caroline Harris defending.

She told the court the changes in Huxley, who had 136 previous convictions on his criminal record, had been "remarkable" and he had now resolved to stay out of further trouble with the police.

Raj Punia prosecuting said the fire at the flat caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.