KEEPERS at Dudley Zoo are calling for donations of unwanted sheets and bedding to help chimps at the attraction.

Chimpanzees and Bornean orangutans often use the items to make up games, make hammocks with, or to make their bedding extra cosy.

Stocks of sheets, blankets, towels, pillow cases and duvet covers are running low in the run-up to Christmas, so staff are calling on animals lovers to help their furry friends.

Keeper Harley Hunt said: “Our primates love sheets and towels and will often be spotted wrapping themselves in them or dragging them around the floor and they will even take blankets to bed as additional nesting material.

“But because of this, the linen doesn’t last long, so we’re constantly going through our supplies and we’re once again running low on our stockpile. Any more donations would be gratefully received.”

Donations of clean sheets, towels and duvet covers can be taken to Dudley Zoo's Safari Shop entrance.