A COURAGEOUS Uber driver has been awarded for his bravery after he helped pull a man from a burning car.

Adil Anjum, from Dudley, was waiting to pick up a customer from the Crown in Iverley in June, when he witnessed a crash between two cars outside the pub.

The engine of one of cars involved went up in flames, with the driver trapped inside.

Quick-thinking Adil, along with three other heroes, ran to the car and pulled the driver to safety.

The 36-year-old said he had no thought for his own safety as he ran to help as he was focussed on making sure the driver was safe.

He said: "At that time I just wanted to get to the driver, that was the main thing in my mind."

The crash, which happened on Sunday, June 30, saw two people taken to hospital after medics rushed to the scene.

Adil stayed with the injured until the emergency services came and then completed his customer's trip.

He said he was amazed to receive a letter from Uber in October to say he has been nominated for an award by the company.

Adil, who has worked for Uber for two years, travelled down to Tobacco Dock in London on November 26, where he was awarded the 'Real Life Superhero' award.

Reacting to the win, Adil said: "I never realised it was going to be a big event, it was amazing. I really felt recognised and honoured by Uber."