A CONSERVATIVE Dudley councillor is facing calls to resign after tweeting comments which have been blasted as Islamophobic.

Cllr Colin Elcock, who represents the Norton ward, posted comments on the social media platform which have sparked a storm of controversy.

In a tweet on January 6 Cllr Elcock asked if all people in Iran were "on the dole" and two days later posted that Islam in his opinion was about domination not integration.

The tweets have now been deleted.

He is also accused of sexism after allegedly posting "Bloody hell wow! Hello" below two twitter photos of a young woman's bare buttocks.

Leading Stourbridge Labour councillor Pete Lowe said: "The comments and actions of Mr Elcock fall well below what is expected of any elected representative in our country.

“I’m calling for Mr Elcock’s immediate resignation and suspension as a councillor owing to the seriousness of the Islamophobic and sexist comments he’s made.

“It shows the extent of Islamophobia at the heart of the Conservative Party and why it should be investigated fully by the Conservative Party nationally, anything less is a dereliction of duty to every single voter in Stourbridge."

Cllr Elcock says the alleged post about the woman was a result of his account being hacked but admits the remarks about Iran and Islam were his.

He said: "I'm not Islamophobic at all, I see it as an innocent comment. I got into a discussion on a facebook group, it's been sorted and taken down.

"I realised I was probably wrong in saying those things and that I had made a mistake.

"I have no plans to resign, there was no malice. Pete Lowe is muckraking."

While Cllr Elcock has no plans to fall on his sword, his boss, Dudley Conservative leader Cllr Patrick Harley, may well be sharpening his.

Cllr Harley told the News he and other senior Dudley Tories would be meeting Cllr Elcock tomorrow (January 10) to discuss the issue.

Cllr Harley added: "I will be taking appropriate action after that, it is disappointing people make crass comments like that.

"There is no issue of Islamophobia in the Tory party, we are including more and more people from the Asian community.

"We are becoming that all-inclusive party."