A MAN who used a forged passport to enter the UK illegally so he could be with the "love of his life" in Stourbridge has avoided being locked-up.

Aslan Haiharoev met his sweetheart in Russia where he lived and he had flown to Amsterdam using his own passport, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

But he then spent 2,500 euros to buy a fake Romanian passport - described as being a "poor copy" - and he used that to come to England.

Mukhtar Ubhi, defending, said: "He met his partner who is from the UK when she was in Russia.

"The offences were committed to join the love of his life and he has been living with her and her three children ever since."

Mr Ubhi said the 32-year-old, who could now be deported, was a hard worker who provided an income for the family and he was regarded as a father of the children.

Judge Dean Kershaw told Haiharoev: "This is a serious offence which requires a deterrent factor and that normally means immediate custody.

"If I impose that it would have a significant impact on your family. You are a hard working man who is not a danger to people in this country.

"So, as an act of mercy, I am going to suspend the sentence but I cannot say what will ultimately happen to your attempt to regularise your position in this country. That is a matter for a different court."

Haiharoev, of Armstrong Close, Stourbridge, admitted possessing and using the fake passport and he was given a 10-month jail term, suspended for 18 months, and further ordered to obey a five-month curfew.

The court was told Haiharoev, who was also told to pay £500 costs, used his fake passport which was in the name of Florin to obtain a National Insurance Number and he then got a job working for Domino's Pizza.

Mr Ubhi said Haiharoev, who also used the fake passport to obtain a UK driving licence, had been completely co-operative when he was interviewed by police.

He stressed an immediate spell behind bars would present financial problems for his family adding that the defendant, a man of previous good character, was currently fighting to stay in the UK.